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Backbone Tastypie 0.2 CDN, Download Backbone Tastypie NPM Package, Install Backbone Tastypie with One Click

About Backbone Tastypie:

A small compatibility layer to make backbone.js and django-tastypie work together happily.

Backbone Tastypie 0.2 CDN links including JS files with their minified versions. Github installation guide for Backbone Tastypie 0.2 or Download Github source packages.

Live First IconBackbone Tastypie 0.2 Quick Installation

A quick way to Backbone Tastypie 0.2 implement to your website.
Copy all key files with one click or copy necessary files cdn one by one given below:

Do you need jQuery Library :

Cloud Icon Backbone Tastypie 0.2 CDN

Backbone Tastypie 0.2 CDN resources for all their JS files along with minified versions.

Backbone Tastypie Node JS Commands

List of Backbone Tastypie NPM, Yarn or Github Commands and Packages details.

How to install Backbone Tastypie with Github Use SVN or GIT to checkout using below URL:

› //

Download Backbone Tastypie 0.2 Source Files

Download Backbone Tastypie 0.2 Source DIST Files or Github packages in ZIP.